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With Tiber’s investment and methodology, the PHSU School of Medicine has since expanded to become the 6th largest medical school in the United States.


Ponce Health Sciences University

PHSU is recognized for its excellence in education service and research achievements. PHSU is focused on the disciplines of Medicine, Clinical Psychology, Biomedical Sciences and Public Health. The university has continued a nearly 40-year tradition of enhancing the medical profession by providing the highest quality graduate medical education programs available.


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MAIN CAMPUS - Ponce, Puerto Rico
Founded: 1980
Located on Puerto Rico’s southern coast, Ponce has been tabbed as the Pearl of the South with 28 beaches around the city and surrounded by scenery to the north. Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico, and its historical and cultural draws make it a great place to be. With a visit to one of the several coffee plantations, Museo de Arte de Ponce, or the downtown Plaza, it’s easy to feel right at home in Ponce.
BRANCH - San Juan, Puerto Rico
Founded: 2018
Located in the northern part of Puerto Rico, San Juan is the largest city and top tourist destination on the island. The history of the island runs deep in Old San Juan, from 16th-century forts to the cathedral that Ponce de Leon lived and died in. The metro area is packed with first-rate restaurants, boutiques, art, museums, and nightlife, making San Juan a Caribbean gem.
BRANCH - St. Louis, Missouri
Founded: 2021
In March 2021, PHSU President Dr. David Lenihan, announced the new Ponce Health Sciences University Medical School at its St. Louis campus located in the Downtown West neighborhood. The PHSU St. Louis campus welcomed it's first MD class in fall of 2022. St. Louis represented the perfect opportunity to expand and advance efforts to educate diverse populations in health sciences.


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