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The world needs an additional
 14 million medical professionals by 2030. Education is the answer.

At Tiber Health we scale exceptional health education so local communities all over the world have access to quality care.

The Tiber Solution

Health care delivery has evolved, but medical training hasn’t

Fifty seven countries, including the US., have critical healthcare-worker shortages. We must rethink how local professionals are identified and trained. Using advanced technology, we're bringing education to the places that need it most.
Our methodology improves Board pass rates, increases retention, and graduates more high quality doctors and nurses than any other program.
We heavily integrate unique local context and cultural nuances to ensure care is delivered in the specific way each community needs.
Our methodology can educate millions of healthcare professionals at scale, delivering premier education at a fraction of the current cost.
With smarter admissions requirements that go beyond test scores, we can identify, admit, and graduate dramatically more promising students.
The Method

Global health education made local

Our technology-driven methodology delivers rigorous, engaging curricula from leading global experts. Lessons are supplemented by community educators, localizing high-standard material.
Class time focuses on problem solving, assessments, and cultural competency training instead of endless lectures.
Real-time assessments ensure that instructors can adapt classroom instruction to meet students where they are.
Our algorithms uncover insights about performance, individual career pathways, and Board scores never before attainable.
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Leading the Way

Ponce Health Sciences University is our flagship university in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Within 18 months of implementing Tiber’s curriculum delivery platform, the school experienced a transformation:

  • Increased Board pass rates from 69% to 88%
  • Retained over 90% of faculty and staff
  • Improved retention rates and graduation rates
  • Decreased operating costs by $7M

Who We Are

“I started Tiber Health when I realized as an educator, I was doing it all wrong.”
David lenihan
David Lenihan, Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Lenihan is the CEO of Tiber Health. As an experienced educator and medical practitioner, he is passionate about improving access to medical education for students of all backgrounds and income levels. Before launching Tiber Health and assuming the role of President of Ponce Health Sciences University, Dr. Lenihan served as Dean at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York. At Touro, he fundamentally changed the way medical education is taught.

Daniel pianko
Daniel Pianko, Co-Founder

Daniel Pianko is the co-founder of Tiber Health. He is also co-founder and managing director at University Ventures. He has dedicated his career to fostering transformational education models and creating opportunities for education companies. With over a decade of experience in the education industry, Daniel has built a reputation as a trusted education adviser and innovator in student finance, medical education, and postsecondary education.

Join Us

Educating millions of new medical professionals is a collective, global effort. We’re going to need your help. Let’s solve one of the world’s most pressing problems together.


Bring Tiber’s technology curriculum platform to your medical university and see improved outcomes in 6 months or less.


Partner with Tiber to form a progressive medical university in your country or community at a fraction of the traditional cost.