Ponce Health Sciences University - Puerto Rico
Ponce Health Sciences University is Tiber's flagship university in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Within 18 months of implementing Tiber’s methodology & curriculum delivery platform, the school experienced a transformation. It went from a struggling university to a thriving example of success.
Increased Board pass rates from 62% to 93%
Increased residency match rate from 
85% to 89%
Increased medicine degree applications by 30.4%
Retained over 90% of faculty and staff


Opening doors for new pathways
At Ponce Health Sciences University, the Tiber MSMS program has been in use for several years and has dramatically increased the number of students admitted into medical school. 

Students who would otherwise be turned away now have the opportunity to become specialist physicians, and the program equips these students to outperform their peers.
75% of students in the first MSMS class received admission into medical school
Increased career matches, even for those not admitted to medical school
MSMS students admitted to medical school outperform their classmates
 (100% USMLE board passage rate)