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Become a University Partner and Tiber Health, together with Ponce Health Sciences University, can help your institution in 4 high impact ways.

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Increase enrollment and revenue by adding our turnkey Master of Science in Medical Sciences curriculum

The Master of Science in Medical Sciences program is a forty-two-credit master’s degree that mirrors year one of PHSU’s Medical Doctorate program. MSMS is designed for those students who want to improve their academic credentials to pursue further education or who have taken a non-traditional route but know now, that they are interested in a career in healthcare. MSMS allows them to audit the first year of medical school, while earning a degree, improving their GPA and their confidence.
By partnering with PHSU and Tiber Health you can add the MSMS degree to your academic offerings with very low up-front costs. We provide the curriculum, faculty, LMS and applications. Ultimately, the program belongs to the university partner— meaning the university will confer the MSMS degree, as well as approve the MSMS curriculum internally, at the state level, and with their accrediting body. MSMS can be offered on campus or as a remote program. The university will set the MSMS admissions criteria and market to and admit students


Offer your students a linkage with an LCME accredited medical school

The top 20% of MSMS graduates from each university partner school are guaranteed an interview with PHSU School of Medicine (campuses in Ponce, PR and St. Louis, MO). Across the United States nearly 60% of medical school applicants are rejected each year. Offering students a linkage can be a major driver in their decision to pursue a master’s degree with your school.
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Create pathways for your graduates to pursue careers in healthcare including Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Pharmacists and more

MSMS is a springboard for students to achieve their dreams. They typically follow 1 of 3 paths:

  1. Get accepted to an MD program and become a physician
  2. Get accepted to a terminal healthcare degree program and become a dentist, veterinarian, physician associate, podiatrist, etc.
  3. Get a job in research or related to healthcare, such as Cardiovascular Device Support Specialist, Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Technologist, Lab Technician, etc.
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Provide a technology backed predictive analytics platform that estimates the probability of students passing the USMLE Step 1 Exam

The MSMS program uses Tiber Health’s cutting-edge technology suite including a predictive analytics platform. All students and program directors get access to a personalized dashboard with visual charts and graphs that tracks a student’s mastery over USMLE systems. As they progress through the program, students can see their strengths, areas that need improvement and drive their career path. An early alert system detects those who may need extra support.
Student results are compared to hundreds of past students who have taken and passed the high stakes USMLE Step One Exam. With this data, we are able to determine the likelihood that a student will pass the exam and in turn, create better medical school candidates.
The chart above contains graphs that represent each USMLE System and Discipline and LCME Standard. the graphs shows how a student’s knowledge compares to past MD students who passed the USMLE exam and the level of completion they have achieved for exams and questions about each system.

The star on the stratum scale represents the students performance.
The yellow section of the scale represents a partial understanding of the topic,
The gray area represents a sufficient understanding
The green area represents a solid understanding of the topic

Based on the historical data that the THI algorithm has collected of previous student performance, the system can easily highlight area of study that need improvement for students.
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