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Our Teams and Partners in Education

At Tiber Health, we are focused on flattening the curve, serving our community, and developing solutions for our partners


Tiber is committed to improving access to medical and health sciences education. Our response to COVID-19 is no exception.

Tiber’s Academic Division – Ponce Health Sciences University – is continuing its tradition of supporting the community during times of crisis. In Ponce, Puerto Rico and surrounding areas, PHSU Ponce faculty, students, and staff are conducting outreach missions to provide medical and public health services. The PHSU Ponce team has been recognized for their leadership & crisis management during Hurricane Maria as well as the early 2020 earthquakes.

Similarly, the PHSU-St. Louis faculty and staff are serving their community by providing healthcare education and resources. For example, the PHSU St. Louis students have access to resources that might not be available at home, ranging from stable high-speed internet access to additional food & supplies.

Like almost all organizations right now, Tiber is doing everything within its power to keep all employees and staff safe. We immediately took aggressive steps to reduce exposure, including adhering to all CDC guidelines.

For additional information about Coronavirus, we encourage you to follow guidance as put forth from the CDC:

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, we will continue to monitor our policies and provide updates accordingly.


Our remote delivery makes it easy for students and faculty to shift from on-campus to attending online.

Tiber is uniquely positioned to help universities struggling to transition to online delivery. Specifically, health science and medical education institutions may benefit from Tiber’s various services.

Tiber’s PHSU MD curriculum is LCME approved and completely digitized. Our Dynamic Classroom approach is a modification of the flipped class approach. Students watch lecture videos hosted in our LMS then participate in synchronous Zoom-based video conferences. During the video conferences, the Instructor uses an audience-response system to quiz students on content from the lecture videos. The instructor dynamically adapts his/her instruction tailored to the students’ performance on the quiz. This real-time interaction is engaging for students and provides critical formative assessment data for teacher to identify at-risk students. All of this can be done in an online-only, remote environment.

To find out more about how Tiber can help your health sciences or medical education institution move from face-2-face classroom to online course delivery, contact us here.


Whether you’re looking to expand your health sciences offerings or simply looking for a custom solution for students, we’d love to hear from you.