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Global Health Sciences Education Made Local

The Tiber Methodology

A Dynamic Classroom

Focus class time on what’s most important for your students

We’ve turned the traditional classroom model upside-down. Course lectures are delivered digitally and consumed outside of class. Students access global lessons wherever they want, and in-person class time is reserved for important problem solving and unique local competency training.
  • No more passively listening to lectures
  • Engage in concepts instead of just memorizing content
  • Solve the important problems together, in real-time
Predictive Insights

Help more students succeed and find the right career

Tiber Health can predict student performance on Boards and standardized tests with extremely high accuracy. Easily identify areas for improvement across your class and also with individuals. Raise the bar for everyone, especially for first-generation and underrepresented students, or those considered “higher risk.”
  • Intervene in time to prevent dropouts
  • Identify future superstars
  • Match medical students to optimal career paths, from residencies to specialties, and match pre-health students to optimal career paths—from an MD to nursing or MBA.
Affordable and Scalable

Train the healthcare workers your region needs

Tiber offers a rigorous curriculum that adheres to United States Standards but is accessible anywhere in the world. Students complete lectures and readings before class, and complete immersive cases and group work in-class using response clickers and other engagement tools.

Our partners across the US and Latin America have dramatically improved education outcomes, decreased the cost to deliver programs, and transformed the student experience.

  • 93%
    Increased USMLE Board pass rates from 62% to 93%
  • 30.4%
    Increased medicine degree applications by 30.4%
  • 89%
    Increased residency match rate from 85% to 89%

Join Us

Educating millions of new medical professionals is a collective, global effort. We’re going to need your help.


Whether you're ready to expand your health sciences program offerings or ready to build a new Medical or other Health Education program from scratch, let's work together to increase global access to health education and care.